Construct, Inc. was incorporated by Jonathan Barbee in December, 1999, beginning as an industrial mechanical company, serving industry in eastern North Carolina, focusing on quality work and meeting customer deadlines.  As the company grew, it expanded to include industrial maintenance services at several sites it served as the mechanical contractor.  The company also began a structural steel fabrication operation in the early years to support its field activities.


In 2004, in response to the needs of its customer base, Construct, Inc. purchased a larger facility and began to increase its structural fabrication operations, while still serving the mechanical and maintenance needs of customers now covering the southeastern United States.  A second facility was added in 2006 to handle the growing field operations of the company.


A new fabrication facility was completed in 2008 as the company began to focus more on its structural fabrication activities.  By 2013, Construct began to phase out field operations and concentrate on structural steel fabrication opportunities across the United States, in response to the economic needs of our customer base.


Over the past eight years, our fabrication customers have grown fourfold and include some of the largest project management firms in the world as well as some of the largest engineering firms in the US.



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