Facilities, Processes and Equipment

 35,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility - 200' X 100' X 40' eave height shop with adjacent blasting & finishing area with an 8,000 sq.ft finishing building and a 16,000 sq.ft Misc Metals building  including:


  • PythonX CNC Fully Automated Beamline operation with Hydefinition Plasma/Oxyfuel torch system (Demonstration video at bottom of page).
  • Transfluid CNC pipe and rod bender.
  • (2) Overhead 10-ton capacity traveling bridge hoists. 32' Hook Height.
  • Double-pinch Plate Roll with rated capacity of 5/8" X 10'-0" long. Ground and hardened rolls. Digital read-out for precision plate rolling.
  • Double-pinch Angle Roll with rated capacity of 3" X 3" X 5/16" angle leg-out; 2 ½" X 2 ½" X 5/16" angle leg-in and 5/8" X 3" flat bar on-edge.
  • Hydraulic Plate Shear with rated capacity of ½" X 10'-0" long cut-length plate.
  • 330 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake for bending up to 12'-2" bend length with DA56 graphics; CNC calculated & controlled table crowning & 39" back gage travel.
  • Hydefinition Plasma/Oxyfuel Automated Torch System w/ OMNIWIN CAD Nesting Software.
  • In-house AutoCAD detailing service utilizing state-of-the-art SDS/2 Steel Detailing Software w/3-dimensional capabilities.
  • 120 ton GEKA HYDRACROP 2-cylinder hydraulic IRON WORKER for hole punching & channel cutting.
  • HYD-MECH S22A 20-inch Automatic Band Saw.

Quality Control Program


Construct Inc. has established , documented, implemented, maintained and continually improves the effectiveness of the quality management system to ensure that products and services conform to contractual requirements though our AISC and AWS quality control program.


Our Quality Assurance department provides ASNT-SNT-TC-1A certified inspection services to support our metal fabrication with providing AWS-Certified Welding Inspectors that can perform magnetic particle inspection (MT), liquid penetration inspection (PT), ultrasonic inspection (UT), visual inspection (VT).



a revolutionary fully-integrated steel fabricating system featuring a 6-axis robotic-arm hy-definition plasma torch that brings automated 3D fabrication to structural steel processing with superb cut-quality, placement and dimensional accuracy simply not obtainable with “old-school” mechanical/drilled beam lines.

Any cut, cope or mark made in fabricating structural steel can be completed with our PythonX CNC processing system including:


● Bolt Holes approved by AISC for Structural Joints      ● Bevel Cuts for Weld-Prep

● Length Cut-Offs & Square-up/Clean-up            ● Compound Miter Cuts

● Slots/Notches/Cutouts    ● Piece Number Scribes & Layout Marks   ● Cope Cuts & Complex Multi-Feature Cuts


Shop lay-out, placement and dimensional errors are eliminated as the PythonX CNC processing system accepts files via direct download from structural design software such as Tekla XSTEEL, SDS/2, StruCad & others w/ dstv output and Auto Cad programs. The machine control reads the file, probes & measures the piece - then goes to work. Every feature you see on the beam below was made in a single pass by the precision PythonX.


Ocean Clipper


Transfluid CNC Pipe/Rod Bender

Corporate & Central Operations

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Fabrication Facility

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